CEO, Hexaware
‘Over 60% of the decision to engage a company by a buyer happens through information available digitally, in a B2B situation. Most sales people I know are digitally challenged. This book can help you instantly change that. An essential leadership trait for 21st Century is to have mastered communication through the social media. Learn practical insights from Apurva, a person who has made the transition to mastering this media, helped his company build an impressive digital brand personal.’
CEO & Co-Founder, UrbanClap

This book is starting a very important conversation in the Indian start-up eco-system and I would strongly recommend it as a must-read for anyone who’s looking to start and grow their business.

Founder & CEO IndiaMART.COM, Angel Investor
Apurva is a seasoned professional and his work speaks of his experience. This book is very important as innovative growth hacking strategies are now disrupting the way most businesses approached growth. The process is re-defining the structure of most organisations and I hope that this book would clear a lot of myths surrounding Growth Hacking. I wish Apurva good luck and highly recommend this book to entrepreneurs, marketers and growth hackers.
CEO & Co-Founder, Upgrad
An important book for marketers, managers, and founders of traditional companies and start-ups alike. Growth-hacking is at best an underutilised and at worst (and often) misinterpreted concept that needs to be internalised by most teams in organisations of today.
Co-Founder, Crayon Data, Board-Member, Mentor & Angel Investor ( & Nyoooz)

Growth hacking is literally a survival skill for businesses in today's digital world. Yet, I see most companies I mentor struggle with this. Apurva's book is so amazingly easy to read & implement that even tech-challenged founders or marketers will have no more excuses about not using these techniques.

‎Co-Founder & CEO,
The best way to learn about growth hacking is to go through real life case studies and pick up relevant insights. This book showcases what real business growth is all about, delivering gems of insights and inspiring examples of innovation, team work and the entrepreneurial spirit.
Co-founder at
“Master Growth Hacking” is a timely first of its kind book on the often misunderstood science and art of growth hacking. What I love about the book is that the world class practical advice is backed by real life growth stories and tips from some of India’s most successful founders. If there is one book on start-ups you could read in this year, this should be the one!
Azhar Iqubal, Co-founder and CEO, Inshorts
Apurva's book delivers what it promises! It is an insightful potpourri of exceptional growth hacks which form the genesis of successful and inspirational businesses in the country. During our initial days at Inshorts one of our most potent growth hacks was understanding the content discovery and consumption patterns of millennials who are always on-the-go. We observed that different users have different content preferences and hence developed a machine learning algorithm to satisfy this content need by serving personalized content. This reflected in better user engagement. This book puts a great perspective for start-ups to unlock and saddle up their growth potential while taking cues from the top leaders in each sector. It is definitely a must-read for marketers and new age start-ups!
Joint CEO-Mirum Digital Pvt. Ltd
co-founder, Social Wavelength and
Apurva Chamaria is one of the very rare breed who have extremely good clarity and a deep sense of understanding of the digital space, at its most fundamental level. Going beyond the hype, to the real power and ability of digital to cause a business transformation is something that Apurva understands very well. I have admired Apurva for this clarity and it has been a pleasure to listen to him at events, on multiple occasions. Growth hacking is what most organizations strive for today, and in his new book, “Master Growth Hacking”, Apurva pieces together the approach to growth hacking in an easy-to-understand manner. Anyone looking to create rapid growth in their organizations, whether in a digital business or otherwise, would find this book to be of enormous value.
‘Apurva sir is probably the most hands-on investor we have at Innov8. His growth hacking strategies have helped us reach out to our target audience using a very frugal budget. More than that he’s a bouncing board for us. We keep bouncing our ideas off him and it has helped us a lot. That’s what a true angel investor does. Master Growth Hacking is a much-needed book that chronicles the growth stories of the top Indian start-ups along with practical, easy-to-follow growth hacking techniques.